Strange Cat Habits


Do your fur friends have their own little furry friends?  This is Fermata.  When I first got her from the shelter she was extremely nervous, didn’t want to be touched or would run away if you even looked at her.  She has sense calmed down.  Then she got her own little furry friend, Leo.  She’s a totally different cat now.  Continue reading


Simple Pictures 8


Wow!  I knew it had been a while since I last posted, but February?!  Yikes.  I hope all of you out there have been enjoying your summer.   Continue reading

Simple Pictures 7


This past summer I finally go ta new phone.  I didn’t have too many requirements for it, other than I really wanted one that had a good camera.  I was told that the Samsung S7 (note the fire-starting note!) was the way to go.  I have not been disappointed, especially when it comes to up-close pictures.  The detail is better than any camera I’ve had before.

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Got it!

Every once in a while you have your camera ready at just the right moment.  I’ve been getting lucky recently with my cat, Kit Kat.  He is an animated cat, so these pictures really capture his true demeanor and personality.  Of course if I tried to plan these pictures I’d never get them.  I like the thrill of getting great pictures you weren’t planning on capturing.  This cat gives me that opportunity quite often.



Simple Pictures 6


I’ve been away for about 4 months now – time to get back to posting a little more often!  This summer I worked almost every Saturday and stacked up over 400 hours of overtime.  However, I tried to get out and about when I could.  I spent a weekend exploring Traverse City, MI.  I’ve been frequently blown away by how beautiful Michigan is (having moved here from Iowa about a year ago) and Traverse City was no exception.  I have hundreds of photos from my 2 days there, but this remains one of my favorites.

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Photographer vs Artist


I love taking pictures.  I have a basic Canon PowerShot camera, not professional, but it does the trick for me.  I’m by no means a professional photographer, but I enjoy looking for a good shot and then capturing it.  I do not edit my photos.  I love the raw image.  I almost always leave my camera on the auto setting.  I realize that my photos could be edited and turned into an even more amazing image, but that’s not for me.

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Recipe – Taco Pie


This has been one of my most favorite, easiest, go-to recipes for a while.  I love taco pie.  The only problem is that my recipes makes a 9×13 pan, and as a single person I can’t (shouldn’t) be eating that much for supper.  So this past week I invited my brother, his fiance, and his roommate over for supper and we devoured the whole pan.   Continue reading

Cats and Plants


Remember a few weeks ago when I introduced these 2 sweet kitties to the blog world?  I’ve had them for a little over 2 months now and still laugh at them every day.  It has been several years since I’ve had a cat in the house and I forgot just how much fun it can be.  However, I had quite the scare about a week ago and wasn’t sure if I would still have my two furry babies today.

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Recipe – Chicken Alfredo Garlic Naan Pizza


Last fall I lived with my aunt for a few months.  During that time I learned to eat and like naan.  Normally it was plain naan and I would just put a little crunchy peanut butter on it.  Occasionally we would make pizza on naan and put it on the grill.  My aunt and uncle usually made ham and pineapple pizza.  I’m strange though, and don’t care for red sauce.  So I created my own: Chicken Alfredo Garlic Naan Pizza.

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