My first Michigan Winter


I’ve been in Michigan for 4 months now.  Seeing as how it is mid-January, it is safe to say I’m well into my first Michigan Winter as well.  So far, I’d say it is…bearable.  I’m only a few miles from the lake shore, so lake effect snow is a very real thing here.  Since day 1 of moving here people have warned me about the dreaded ‘Michigan Winter’.   It honestly started to feel like every person I met felt a great need to warn me of what I was soon to encounter.  Initially I just gave them a blank stare and responded with “I’m from Iowa.  I’ve been through winter.”  My brother and I have joked about this as he has been here through 4 Michigan Winters.  Here’s the thing: yes, there is more snow here, BUT, at least you can BREATHE!

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Do you know why I pulled you over?

Have you ever been pulled over?  Did you get a ticket, or maybe just a warning?  Did you know you were violating a traffic law at the time?  I’ve done a lot of driving in my life.  I don’t mind it really.  As I threw out in a previous post, I usually drive about 5 over the speed limit.  Not a big deal.  Usually keeps me in the flow of traffic.  I would guess I’ve clocked around 100,000 miles as a driver.  In that time I have been pulled over exactly one time.  Once.  Uno.  Want to know why?

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Toilet Paper Commercials

Have you seen this commercial for Cottonelle toilet paper?

Or how about this one for Charmin?

Toilet paper commercials have always bothered me.  I’m aware of what toilet paper is and what function it serves.  I don’t really need a 30 second spot to convince me to buy it.  I understand that the commercials are more for brand awareness, but have you every really paid attention to what they’re telling you?  I just get a little weirded out by a family of cartoon bears shaking their butts around on my TV.  Also not a fan of an angel baby proving the softness claim to me.  But the one that really has me disgusted right now is that first ad above for Cottonelle.  I’ll admit, Cottonelle is my go-to toilet paper.  Mostly because it is softer than a sheet of sand paper and is usually reasonably priced.   Continue reading

I just wanted breakfast…

Speaking of Company Kitchen (in my last post), I was reminded of this classic.  Every Wednesday biscuits and gravy were on the breakfast menu.  I typically brought in my breakfast, except for on Wednesday.  Every Wednesday I looked forward to biscuits and gravy.  The recipe had been the same for as long as I had been there, and it was good.  But why settle for good, right? Continue reading

Company Kitchen fiasco

I recently worked for a company that had an on-site cafeteria.  It was a nice perk, especially on cold winter days when you had no desire to be outside, at all.  The food was generally good, prices were reasonable, and the staff in the kitchen was friendly.  Then, one day, all that fell apart.  Someone who made more money than me and therefore had superior decision making skills, decided we needed a healthier menu and less human-to-human interaction. Continue reading

Post Office debacle

I wrote this ‘story’ about a year ago.  I had recently moved to a new place and my mailbox was part of a stand at the end of my block, so I needed a key to access it.  Here is the story of acquiring that key.

I went to the Post Office on July 1 to pick up my mailbox key since none was left in the house when I moved into it.  The guy at the post office informed me that, while I was at the main post office for my town, there was actually a 2nd location that was a sorting station only, except for holding mail and ordering keys.  So next day, July 2, I drove over there during lunch.  I talked to an employee and explained that I needed to order keys.  He said they didn’t do it there and that I needed to go to the other location.  I told him no, I had been there yesterday and they sent me here.  Continue reading