Busy times

It has been a while since I’ve posted.  Don’t worry, the ideas didn’t dry up already!  I have plenty of things I want to put on here still.  However, I’ve been a little busy recently.  I’ve made the decision to move to Michigan.  I have only ever lived in Iowa, so this will be a big change, but I’m very excited for it.  I have family out there that I’m looking forward to spending more time with.  Of course preparing for a move in 3 weeks means my time is focused on that, not my blog.  I’ll work on getting a post up when I have some down time again.  🙂


Simple Pictures – 2


A few months ago I got back from my morning walk and noticed all the dew on the plants in front of my house.  It was an overcast day, so the dew was hanging around a little longer than normal.  The cloudy skies allowed for great lighting to capture these pictures.

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Vacation Rental – Briggsville, WI


For the last 20 years my family has vacationed in west central Minnesota.  We found a couple great resorts and spent one week a summer hanging out together and making memories.  This year we decided to change locations to help reduce travel time for some of the family.  We ended up in central Wisconsin, about 10 miles from the Wisconsin Dells.  The home we stayed at was named Dells Edge Retreat.  It was a beautiful home and was the perfect fit for our family.  It was only 9 of us this year, but we could easily have a few more.

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