Time to go Somewhere!


It is about halfway through winter here in Michigan.  Last week was the darkest week on record for this winter.  So far this winter we have had 9% sunshine.  Tonight, the ‘light snow showers’ turned into about 3 inches of snow in 2 hours, with snow in the forecast for the next several days.

I need to get away.

For those of you living in winter climates, where are your favorite spots to visit to help beat the winter blues?  Any suggestions for things to do around the house to keep things going?  I was looking at old documents on my computer the other day and came across my trip planning folder.  I will often plan a trip: make a list of hotels to stay at, save links to tours and landmarks, and make an itinerary for various lengths of times.  Unfortunately, funding and time off from work are limited things and some of these itineraries will sit for quite some time.

That being said, 2016 was a good year for travel.  I was able to go to St. Louis and go up in the arch.  I took my first trip to California and spend Thanksgiving hiking in Muir Woods.  I explored more of Michigan and found some beautiful places ‘Up North’.  Even though I’m from Iowa, I made a couple trips out there to visit friends and family, even making it back for the famous Iowa State Fair.

I am definitely ready to begin 2017 trip planning!  In a couple weeks I will be traveling to New Jersey for training, but get in early enough that I’ll have about a day to check out NYC.  This will be my first time there, so if you have any restaurant suggestions I’d be open for those!  I’m excited to start looking ahead and thinking about other places to travel this year.  It is always exciting to see where I’ll end up.


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