My Strange Fears and Aversions – #1

Everyone has something they’re afraid of in life.  There are the normal fears like speaking in front of a crowd, spiders (aka 8-legged bastards), and heights.  Then there are my fears, and, for the purpose of this blog I’m going to throw in, my aversions.  I’ve concluded that mine are a little more strange than the average person’s because of the weird looks I get when I explain them to people.  I don’t know why these things scare and bother me, but they do.  And because of their strangeness people seem to enjoy pointing them out to me even more and trying to find ways to purposefully bring these things into my life.
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Simple Picture – 3


I was in Illinois this past weekend checking out the Starved Rock State Park area.  Unfortunately, the weather was not very cooperative and it rained quite a bit.  Before heading home on Sunday though I was able to return to the park and check out some of the dirt paths.  While walking along the trail this leaf caught my attention.  More than 12 hours after the rain had ended, yet this leaf was still covered in rain drops.  Laying there undisturbed by all the people passing by.  Even the birds and squirrels canvasing the area hadn’t made it to this leaf yet.  I find it is often the most simple things in life that are the most interesting.