Toilet Paper Commercials

Have you seen this commercial for Cottonelle toilet paper?

Or how about this one for Charmin?

Toilet paper commercials have always bothered me.  I’m aware of what toilet paper is and what function it serves.  I don’t really need a 30 second spot to convince me to buy it.  I understand that the commercials are more for brand awareness, but have you every really paid attention to what they’re telling you?  I just get a little weirded out by a family of cartoon bears shaking their butts around on my TV.  Also not a fan of an angel baby proving the softness claim to me.  But the one that really has me disgusted right now is that first ad above for Cottonelle.  I’ll admit, Cottonelle is my go-to toilet paper.  Mostly because it is softer than a sheet of sand paper and is usually reasonably priced.   Continue reading