Strange Cat Habits


Do your fur friends have their own little furry friends?  This is Fermata.  When I first got her from the shelter she was extremely nervous, didn’t want to be touched or would run away if you even looked at her.  She has sense calmed down.  Then she got her own little furry friend, Leo.  She’s a totally different cat now. 

Leo used to belong to my brother’s cat.  His cat grew bored with it so he dropped it off at my place and it has belonged to Fermata ever since.  She LOVES to play with Leo.  She tosses him in the air and carries him all over the house.  However, her most favorite thing to do it place fetch!


Whenever I sit down on the couch in the evening she runs up and drops Leo at my feet.  She sits there and meows and puts her paws on my leg to get my attention.  She does this for 15-20 minutes if I don’t respond.  However, if I pick Leo up and throw him she takes off after him, picks him up, and trots back to my feet where she drops him and starts the whole thing over again.  She will do this for easily a half hour; by far her favorite activity.


Has anyone else ever had a cat that loved to play fetch?  Was it with a certain item in particular?


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