Recipe – Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Milkshake


While walking through the store recently something caught my eye, In the milk cooler I saw a brand of milk called Sir Bananas.  On closer inspection, I saw that they had 2 types of Sir Bananas milk: Banana and Chocolate Banana.  I normally love banana flavored things, but wasn’t sure if I could handle straight up banana milk.  I was curious enough about it that I decided to buy the Chocolate Banana milk.  I tried a glass when I got home and it was actually very tasty.  However, something struck me that there may be a way to make it even tastier.

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January 6, 2016 – the day my grandfather took his last breath then passed away.  I was getting ready for work when I got the call from my aunt.  I was crushed.  I loved my grandfather.  He was the sweetest man I’ve ever known.  His love for his wife, family and God was overwhelming.  Even though dementia had been taking over him for a few years, there was still a lot of Grandpa left the last time our family was together this past Thanksgiving.  Realizing that he was now gone and would no longer be a part of our family celebrations was hard to fathom at first.  Thinking about making the drive from Michigan to South Dakota and not seeing him sitting in his chair when I got there instantly brought tears to my eyes.  I wept uncontrollably and openly as I tried to put on my makeup and get out the door for work.  I knew there wasn’t anything I could do at that moment and that I needed to move on with my day until details were available.   Continue reading

My first Michigan Winter


I’ve been in Michigan for 4 months now.  Seeing as how it is mid-January, it is safe to say I’m well into my first Michigan Winter as well.  So far, I’d say it is…bearable.  I’m only a few miles from the lake shore, so lake effect snow is a very real thing here.  Since day 1 of moving here people have warned me about the dreaded ‘Michigan Winter’.   It honestly started to feel like every person I met felt a great need to warn me of what I was soon to encounter.  Initially I just gave them a blank stare and responded with “I’m from Iowa.  I’ve been through winter.”  My brother and I have joked about this as he has been here through 4 Michigan Winters.  Here’s the thing: yes, there is more snow here, BUT, at least you can BREATHE!

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Simple Pictures – 4


It would appear that my ‘Simple Pictures’ posts are something I enjoy doing as this is now number 4.  It would also appear that raindrops are a simple thing to me, because this is the 4th simple pictures post involving raindrops.  Not intentional, just something I realized.  I guess I enjoy the simplicity of a rain drop left over after the storm has rolled out.  They just hang out for a while, sometimes catching your attention as the sun makes them glisten.

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