Simple Pictures 6


I’ve been away for about 4 months now – time to get back to posting a little more often!  This summer I worked almost every Saturday and stacked up over 400 hours of overtime.  However, I tried to get out and about when I could.  I spent a weekend exploring Traverse City, MI.  I’ve been frequently blown away by how beautiful Michigan is (having moved here from Iowa about a year ago) and Traverse City was no exception.  I have hundreds of photos from my 2 days there, but this remains one of my favorites.

I was walking along this river and turned around to look back – this is what greeted me.  The most beautiful thing to me is the sun hitting the submerged rocks.  Even though they were a couple feet below the surface, the sun hit them and lit them up perfectly.  It was almost like they were glowing.

I like the feeling of the shadows.  I was walking under the road.  There was definitely a bit of an eerie feeling.  The rocks remaining above the water aren’t as well lit as the submerged ones.  I also like the lighting out in the open.  Sure it is kind of washed out due to the sun hitting the water, but it keeps the focus under the bridge while still showing there is a ‘beyond’.

The final thing I really like in this picture is the reflection of the water on the cement wall and rafters.  Even though the sun is able to shine through the water and light up the rocks, it still reflects off the water causing the light to dance other places as well.  I quick, simple picture, that I enjoy even more each time I look at it.


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