Simple Pictures 8


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Got it!

Every once in a while you have your camera ready at just the right moment.  I’ve been getting lucky recently with my cat, Kit Kat.  He is an animated cat, so these pictures really capture his true demeanor and personality.  Of course if I tried to plan these pictures I’d never get them.  I like the thrill of getting great pictures you weren’t planning on capturing.  This cat gives me that opportunity quite often.



Simple Pictures 6


I’ve been away for about 4 months now – time to get back to posting a little more often!  This summer I worked almost every Saturday and stacked up over 400 hours of overtime.  However, I tried to get out and about when I could.  I spent a weekend exploring Traverse City, MI.  I’ve been frequently blown away by how beautiful Michigan is (having moved here from Iowa about a year ago) and Traverse City was no exception.  I have hundreds of photos from my 2 days there, but this remains one of my favorites.

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Photographer vs Artist


I love taking pictures.  I have a basic Canon PowerShot camera, not professional, but it does the trick for me.  I’m by no means a professional photographer, but I enjoy looking for a good shot and then capturing it.  I do not edit my photos.  I love the raw image.  I almost always leave my camera on the auto setting.  I realize that my photos could be edited and turned into an even more amazing image, but that’s not for me.

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Simple Pictures – 5


I went out to my favorite place in town the other night: the channel.  We had a beautiful day and as it got towards sunset the temps were still in the 40s.  The sun was shining brightly, which is unusual for Michigan winters.  I could tell early on that it was going to be a beautiful sunset and after a long winter with so few of those, I was excited.  I got in position with several others, and watched this beauty happen.

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My first Michigan Winter


I’ve been in Michigan for 4 months now.  Seeing as how it is mid-January, it is safe to say I’m well into my first Michigan Winter as well.  So far, I’d say it is…bearable.  I’m only a few miles from the lake shore, so lake effect snow is a very real thing here.  Since day 1 of moving here people have warned me about the dreaded ‘Michigan Winter’.   It honestly started to feel like every person I met felt a great need to warn me of what I was soon to encounter.  Initially I just gave them a blank stare and responded with “I’m from Iowa.  I’ve been through winter.”  My brother and I have joked about this as he has been here through 4 Michigan Winters.  Here’s the thing: yes, there is more snow here, BUT, at least you can BREATHE!

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Simple Pictures – 4


It would appear that my ‘Simple Pictures’ posts are something I enjoy doing as this is now number 4.  It would also appear that raindrops are a simple thing to me, because this is the 4th simple pictures post involving raindrops.  Not intentional, just something I realized.  I guess I enjoy the simplicity of a rain drop left over after the storm has rolled out.  They just hang out for a while, sometimes catching your attention as the sun makes them glisten.

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Simple Picture – 3


I was in Illinois this past weekend checking out the Starved Rock State Park area.  Unfortunately, the weather was not very cooperative and it rained quite a bit.  Before heading home on Sunday though I was able to return to the park and check out some of the dirt paths.  While walking along the trail this leaf caught my attention.  More than 12 hours after the rain had ended, yet this leaf was still covered in rain drops.  Laying there undisturbed by all the people passing by.  Even the birds and squirrels canvasing the area hadn’t made it to this leaf yet.  I find it is often the most simple things in life that are the most interesting.

Sunset over Lake Michigan

I recently moved to western Michigan.  The town I landed in is right on Lake Michigan.  Being near the water is fun for a lot of reasons, but for me, one of the best things is watching the sun set over the water.  I love spending time out there at sunset.  If the weather is nice several people will be out there, either sitting along the channel, or walking out to the end of the pier.  A few nights ago I looked outside and noticed it was a mostly clear night with a big, beautiful, bright sun.  I knew it would be a good night to head out to the beach and take in the beauty that my new home state had to offer.  Below are some of the pictures I took.

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