Fun Family Games – Minute to Win It

Winter 2011 177

I have been packing, packing, packing for the last week.  Tonight I’m taking a break and relaxing on my couch.  I decided that while I was watching TV I could take some time to write a blog.  While packing I came across my Minute to Win It supplies and thought pulling together some pictures from playing it and some info on the games could be a fun blog post.  So here it is!

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Fun Family Games – Telephone Pictionary


One of my family’s favorite games is Telephone Pictionary. My brother taught us how to play it several years ago and it quickly became a must-play whenever we are all together.  All you need are some paper scraps and pens.  And of course some imagination.  To keep things moving you may also want a timer.

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Fun Family Games – Skunk


As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my family likes to play games when we all get together.  One of the first games that we played as a whole family was a game called Skunk.  We only played it once a year when we spent a week at the lake.  Usually 2 or 3 nights during that week we would all gather in one of the cabins and prepare for a few rounds of skunk.  It is a simple game with a little bit of risk involved.  My Grandma made it a little more interesting by throwing some money into the mix.  Just some nickels and pennies, but having that dish of money in front of us made the game more exciting for my brothers and me.  I’ve never seen the actual rules for the game, but below is how we played it. Continue reading