Recipe – Apple Crisp


In case you haven’t noticed folks (speaking to folks of the midwest US variety), fall is in pretty full swing here.  The leaves are changing and the temps are dropping.  I even saw ‘sleet’ today.  I refuse to call it the S word because it is way too early for that.

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Art Prize 2015


Yesterday I spent several hours walking around Art Prize 2015.  This is an annual art show in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The show takes place all throughout the downtown area; some exhibits are in buildings, some are outside as murals, sculptures in the river, and statues in fountains.  2015 marks the 7th year of Art Prize.  In just this short time it has become a wildly popular 3-week event that draws in thousands of people.

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Travel Websites


I love to travel.  It is such an easy thing to enjoy, right?  New places, new views, maybe even new food and new friends.  One of my favorite parts of traveling actually starts before the actual vacation.  I love to plan.  I love to look at all the options of things to do and see and work to narrow them down to what works best in my schedule and budget.

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