The Sky is Pink

Yesterday started off as a decent day.  The sun was shining and for once there wasn’t a chance of rain.  Then the clouds rolled in.  At least I thought they were clouds.  Early in the afternoon I noticed it looked like rain, but nothing was on the radar.  That strange look stayed in the sky the rest of the day.  When I eventually went out side I looked up in the sky and noticed the sun was just a small dot.  Technically I would say the sun was out, but it didn’t have it’s normal perimeter of shining.  It looked more like this:


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Recipe – Snickerdoodle Cheesecake

IMG_0481I was recently flipping through a magazine that overall didn’t interest me.  I kept going, knowing that eventually I would run into the recipe section.  Most of the recipes were beyond a level of effort that I care to put into a meal for myself, but then I came across this one: snickerdoodle cheesecake.  I briefly glanced at the ingredients and knew it was something I needed to make.   Continue reading

Fun Family Games – Skunk


As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my family likes to play games when we all get together.  One of the first games that we played as a whole family was a game called Skunk.  We only played it once a year when we spent a week at the lake.  Usually 2 or 3 nights during that week we would all gather in one of the cabins and prepare for a few rounds of skunk.  It is a simple game with a little bit of risk involved.  My Grandma made it a little more interesting by throwing some money into the mix.  Just some nickels and pennies, but having that dish of money in front of us made the game more exciting for my brothers and me.  I’ve never seen the actual rules for the game, but below is how we played it. Continue reading

Hope Ministries

I recently got connected with Hope Ministries.  I had been looking for volunteer opportunities in my area.  When I thought about where I would want to volunteer I felt very called to a position that would serve those less fortunate than myself.  During that same time I was reading a book about homelessness in the DC area.  Even though the book was fictional, I know the author does his research prior to writing and felt that several of the things he discussed could be common every day occurrences.  As I started looking for opportunities to help the homeless in Des Moines I came across Hope Ministries.  (Click on the logo above to check out their web page).

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How I Plan a Party


Putting together a spread like this doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes a lot of time and planning.  If you are like me it takes a lot of detailed planning.  This past Christmas was the first one I celebrated in my new home.  I decided to have an open house for friends and family and wanted to have some food for them to enjoy while hanging out.  Deciding to do something like this was just the first step.  So what all did I do to get to this point?   Continue reading

Toilet Paper Commercials

Have you seen this commercial for Cottonelle toilet paper?

Or how about this one for Charmin?

Toilet paper commercials have always bothered me.  I’m aware of what toilet paper is and what function it serves.  I don’t really need a 30 second spot to convince me to buy it.  I understand that the commercials are more for brand awareness, but have you every really paid attention to what they’re telling you?  I just get a little weirded out by a family of cartoon bears shaking their butts around on my TV.  Also not a fan of an angel baby proving the softness claim to me.  But the one that really has me disgusted right now is that first ad above for Cottonelle.  I’ll admit, Cottonelle is my go-to toilet paper.  Mostly because it is softer than a sheet of sand paper and is usually reasonably priced.   Continue reading

Vacation Rentals


When I travel, whether it be a quick overnight stay, or an extended vacation, I like to look for options beyond a hotel room.  I like being able to spread out in a space, and have a chair or sofa to sit on versus a bed.  For longer stays I like the convenience of having a kitchen so I’m not having to go out for every meal.  Over the past few years I’ve discovered vacation rentals.  I have found these to be great alternatives to the standard issue hotel room.  Overall the price is probably a little more expensive, but if you take some time to research and look early enough, you can sometimes get a deal.  If you’re traveling with a group and are splitting accommodation costs it could make a home rental even more economical.   Continue reading

A Day on the Lake

I’ve recently started fishing.  Eh, correction, I’ve recently started casting and occasionally reeling in a fish.  The before and after are not done by me.  I don’t care to bait a hook, and I don’t take fish off.  I like to call it fishing still, but I guess if you can come up with a better description I may consider using it. Continue reading

Speed Limits

Whenever I drive, I typically add 5 mph to the speed limit.  Do I realize that is still considered speeding?  Yes, and if I got pulled over for it I’d deserve it.  That’s just the way I’ve always done it.  It is kind of my set rule when driving; +5!

What I fail to understand is how other people choose to drive the speed they do. Are there certain places they feel comfortable speeding a bit and other places they don’t?  Do they ignore the wonder of cruise control on the highways and just go with the flow of traffic?  Continue reading