Travel Websites


I love to travel.  It is such an easy thing to enjoy, right?  New places, new views, maybe even new food and new friends.  One of my favorite parts of traveling actually starts before the actual vacation.  I love to plan.  I love to look at all the options of things to do and see and work to narrow them down to what works best in my schedule and budget.

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Vacation Rental – Briggsville, WI


For the last 20 years my family has vacationed in west central Minnesota.  We found a couple great resorts and spent one week a summer hanging out together and making memories.  This year we decided to change locations to help reduce travel time for some of the family.  We ended up in central Wisconsin, about 10 miles from the Wisconsin Dells.  The home we stayed at was named Dells Edge Retreat.  It was a beautiful home and was the perfect fit for our family.  It was only 9 of us this year, but we could easily have a few more.

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Vacation Rentals


When I travel, whether it be a quick overnight stay, or an extended vacation, I like to look for options beyond a hotel room.  I like being able to spread out in a space, and have a chair or sofa to sit on versus a bed.  For longer stays I like the convenience of having a kitchen so I’m not having to go out for every meal.  Over the past few years I’ve discovered vacation rentals.  I have found these to be great alternatives to the standard issue hotel room.  Overall the price is probably a little more expensive, but if you take some time to research and look early enough, you can sometimes get a deal.  If you’re traveling with a group and are splitting accommodation costs it could make a home rental even more economical.   Continue reading