My new kitty friends


I did it.  I finally did it.  I finally adopted some kitties.  I love cats, and have for some time.  But I have just never felt like I was in a place that I could have my own cats…until now!  Towards the end of January I went to the local humane society and adopted 2 adorable kitties, Fermata and Sir Kit Kat.  And yes, the cats are as weird as their names and as they look in the picture above.


This one is Fermata, a 10-month old Female.  Fermata is a musical term which means ‘hold’.  She only occasionally lives up to her name.  She tends to be stand-offish.  However, she was adopted out once before and brought back, so that may be part of it.  The people at the shelter said she liked cabbage, but I haven’t tested that one yet.  She is unique in that she actually has ‘thumbs’ on her front 2 paws.  Overall, she is a good kitty who stays off the counters, doesn’t make messes, and is content to just be in her chair by the window.


This ornery, wound-up, crazy little kitten is Sir Kit Kat.  He is a 5-month old male, and 100% kitten.  Unlike Fermata, he is into EVERYTHING!  The day I brought them home I let them roam around the upstairs to get a feel for their new place.  After a while I went to do dishes.  After filling the sink and getting a couple glasses washed, Kit Kat jumped up into the sink and then sat there.  In the water.  He just looked at me like ‘Hey new human.  This is ok, right?’.  He attacks everything that moves.  This week he started this jack-in-the-box type thing where he sits on my dining room chairs and then jumps up and baps me when I walk by.  He sprints back and forth across the living and is currently to do some form of kitty-parkour off my furniture.  His really unique trait is that when he purrs, he sounds like a tree frog.  He has this weird whistly croak thing in his purr.  It is hilarious to listen to.


She is a Miss Priss at times.  She can be perfectly content and asleep in the chair, but then cower and hide the minute a stranger walks into the room.  At night though she has been sleeping by my feet and occasionally making her way closer to my face so I can pet her.  I’m hoping she warms up a bit soon.


He has been learning the art of being still and resting.  It doesn’t happen often.  In his world, everything is a toy.  Every hair tie and misplaced candy wrapper, even my necklaces and running water.  Everything gets swatted at and tested to see if it will fight back.  And if it does, then the game is on!


Surprisingly, they were not a bonded pair.  I was a little worried about this at first, but it has turned out really well.  They’re rolling across the floor fighting as I type this!  🙂  But seriously, they get along well and keep each other company.  They’re both young still and like to play, so I’m glad I don’t have to be the only one keeping them entertained.

Hm, time to wrap this up before I dive full-depth into crazy cat lady babble…unless I’m already there.


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