Simple Pictures – 5


I went out to my favorite place in town the other night: the channel.  We had a beautiful day and as it got towards sunset the temps were still in the 40s.  The sun was shining brightly, which is unusual for Michigan winters.  I could tell early on that it was going to be a beautiful sunset and after a long winter with so few of those, I was excited.  I got in position with several others, and watched this beauty happen.


The ice that had formed across the small lake that goes into town had broken up and was moving out the channel into the big lake.  I couldn’t get over the beauty of watching the gentle waves, the floating chunks of ice, and how the sun reflected across all of this.


Plus, there is the added excitement of seeing everyone else out enjoying the first nice day in a while.  Families, couples, pets, friends, and even people venturing out on their own, like me, were gathered at the beach to watch this sunset.  Some even braved going out to the end of the pier.  To give the above picture some perspective, during the summer, I can walk under that light tower easily.


There is so much beauty in every sunset.  Sometimes I am amazed at how something that happens every day can still be so beautiful and breathtaking every evening.


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