Simple Pictures – 4


It would appear that my ‘Simple Pictures’ posts are something I enjoy doing as this is now number 4.  It would also appear that raindrops are a simple thing to me, because this is the 4th simple pictures post involving raindrops.  Not intentional, just something I realized.  I guess I enjoy the simplicity of a rain drop left over after the storm has rolled out.  They just hang out for a while, sometimes catching your attention as the sun makes them glisten.


I was sitting in my living room the other day and noticed all sorts of raindrops lined up on the bush outside my window.  Even though they were all on the underside of the branch, like in the pic above, they weren’t dripping off.  The air was still, there wasn’t any movement in the trees.


Question, are raindrops reflective, or see through?  Look really closely at the ones above.  I’m going with transparent, but look how small the branches are when you look through the raindrop.


It is the simple things in life that I often find so fascinating.  After this picture I bumped the bush and all the raindrops fell off.  Just like that, they were gone.  Teach this novice photographer to be more gentle with nature.

Happy New Year everyone!  Thanks for taking time to read my blogs.


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