Recipe – Acorns


Fall is in the air!  Of course that depends where you’re living, but in my new great state of Michigan the trees are just starting to turn and the nights are getting cooler.  I haven’t made it to the apple orchard yet to get delicious apples for my apple crisp, so I decided to start off my fall ‘baking’ with a creative food recipe.


This recipe only has 4 ingredients and is easy to put together.  I like to bring it into the office, or to family gatherings.


All you need is some chocolate frosting, Nutter Butters (small rounds), chocolate chips, and Kisses. The nice thing about this recipe is that you can make as many, or as few, as you want.  I bought 2 of the Nutter Butter containers and ended up with around 50-60 acorns.


To assemble, put a small dollop of chocolate frosting on the bottom of the chocolate chip.  Place it in the middle of the Nutter Butter.


I have found it to be easier to put all the chocolate chips on first.  Then I smear chocolate frosting on the other side of the cookie and attach the Kiss.  Ta-da!  Acorn!


Fast, easy, and delicious – my kind of recipe!  It is best to let the acorns sit out for a while so the frosting can set.  It is good to note, if you let these sit out for too long uncovered the cookies may get a little soft.


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