Have you ever questioned the gravitational pull of a raindrop?  No?  Just me?


Let me better explain what I mean.  When it is pouring down rain, you can watch the raindrops hit the ground, then gather with the other raindrops to form a little stream and race towards the gutter.  They splash off of decks, swingsets, and leaves.  They’re on the move, falling from thousands of feet above only to be swallowed up by the ground, a bucket, or the storm drain.  But as the rain slows, so do the raindrops.  It seems as though when the rain stops falling from the sky, the droplets also stop moving.


I love to be outside right after a rainfall.  The smell in the air is so refreshing.  This morning I stepped out onto the deck and was struck by all the raindrops on the plants, chairs, grill, etc.  Now, I’ve seen this before; it wasn’t like this was some new discovery.  But today it struck me, after the rain stops falling, the drops stop moving, or at least aren’t moving as quickly as before.  There is that time between when the storm passes and when the sun comes back out that just kind of stands still for a raindrop.  Drops that had been racing downwards now slowly take their time.


Thus my question – does gravity simply give up on raindrops after the storm cloud has rolled away?  



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