Fun Family Games – Minute to Win It

Winter 2011 177

I have been packing, packing, packing for the last week.  Tonight I’m taking a break and relaxing on my couch.  I decided that while I was watching TV I could take some time to write a blog.  While packing I came across my Minute to Win It supplies and thought pulling together some pictures from playing it and some info on the games could be a fun blog post.  So here it is!

You should be warned, pulling all this together takes a lot of time – lots of planning and effort.  However, it is a lot of fun to play with a group of people.  You will want to be sure to have a materials list and gather those items ahead of time.  Also keep in mind that some of the games may require a flat playing surface or wide open space.  Initially my family did use a timer for 1-minute, but after playing most of the games we gave up timing and just tried to accomplish the task.

For actual game play, we did order of players by either age or whoever volunteered.  Each player drew a slip of paper for a bowl to learn which game they would be playing.  For my own notes I had a list of each game name, followed by the supplies needed and the objective of the game.  I would set up the game, read the objective and then start the timer.

Moving On Up – Requires 39 large plastic cups of the same color, and one cup of the same style in a different color.  Stack the 40 cups with the odd color on the bottom.  Move each of the 39 cups to the bottom of the stack, which will move the position of the odd colored cup, using alternating hands and then the odd color cup back to its original place at the bottom (39 red cups, 1 green cup)

This Blows – The player has to blow up a balloon and use the air in the balloon to blow 15 cups off of a table.  The balloon can be blown up as many times as necessary to accomplish this task in 60 seconds.  (1 Balloon, 15 plastic cups)

Hanky Panky – Remove all the tissues from a box with 1 minute (1 box Kleenex)

Wheel of a Deal – Player must separate 20 playing cards into 5 groups of identical cards, 1 at a time. (20 playing cards – 5 sets of 4, shuffled)

Elephant March – A baseball is placed in the toe of a pair of nylons and then the nylons are place over the player’s head.  Player then knocks over bottles by moving head, therefore swinging the baseball around.  (Nylons, baseball, bottles)  NOTE: When we played this we used Solo cups on carpet, which didn’t work.  Empty water bottles would be a better idea.

Dizzy Mummy – Unwind a roll of toilet paper by executing a series of 360-degree spins.  (1-roll toilet paper) NOTE: will need an extra player to hold the toilet paper roll.

Suck It Up – Player must use only a flexible straw in his or her mouth to suck up chocolate covered candies and transport them 1 at a time to a bowl.  (Straw, M&Ms, 2 bowls)  NOTE: I believe I put out 30-40 M&Ms on a plate instead of in a bowl.

Face the Gingerbread Man – Using only the face, move a gingerbread cookie (or regular) from your forehead to your mouth.  (Oreos)

Defying Gravity – Tap 3 balloons to keep them off the ground for a minute.  (3 balloons, blown up)

Noodling Around – Pick up 6 penne noodles placed around the perimeter of a table using only a piece of uncooked spaghetti in your mouth.  (6 penne noodles, 1 spaghetti noodle)  NOTE: When my family played we dropped each penne noodle onto a plate before going to the next.  I think you’re actually supposed to keep all noodles on the spaghetti noodle until the end.

Candelier – The contestant must stack fifteen empty soda cans and four paper plates on top of each other in a reverse pyramid. The stack must remain in place for three consecutive seconds; if the stack falls, the contestant must re-stack the items. (15 pop cans, 4 paper plates)

Breakfast Scramble – Cut the front of a cereal box into 16 even pieces.  In 60 seconds, assemble into correct image.  (Cereal box, ziploc)

These are just a few of the games that we played.  You can Google Minute to Win It games and find several more.  Some are pretty challenging, some are easier than you’d expect.  If you’d want to make it a competition you could either assign points to each task, or have people draw a paper with points they can win if they complete the tasks.

Here are some of the pictures I got of my family playing this game.  We’ve had fun playing it over the years.  I have a designated box that I keep some of the supplies in so I can grab that before heading out to see the family.  If you decide to play this with a group of family/friends/coworkers/etc. let me know how it goes for you!

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