Fun Family Games – Telephone Pictionary


One of my family’s favorite games is Telephone Pictionary. My brother taught us how to play it several years ago and it quickly became a must-play whenever we are all together.  All you need are some paper scraps and pens.  And of course some imagination.  To keep things moving you may also want a timer.

A quick overview of the game: Each player writes a word, name, phrase, short strange sentence, etc. on a piece of paper.  They then pass their paper to the right and that player has to draw a picture to match the description.  Pass again to the right, but that player must caption the picture they received.  You continue like this until the paper returns to the original person.  Then read through it and have a laugh.

Step-by-step directions:
1) Count up how many players will be in the game (for this example, we will have 8)
2) Count out 8 piles of 8 papers each, then hand one pile to each player
3) Player number papers 1-8.  Numbers should be written in the corner.
4) Each player writes a word, phrase, short strange story, etc.  Examples: A penny for you thoughts; Donald Trump’s toupee; Playing ‘Just Dance’ on the Wii; Obama and the Easter Bunny go shopping…
5)  Each player will leave paper #1 on top and pass their ENTIRE stack to the right
6) Players will look at the words, then place #1 in the back of the pile.
7) #2 will be on top.  Player will draw a picture to represent the words from #1.  If you choose to use a timer flip it as the papers are being passed.  (Side note: you don’t have to use a timer, but to keep the game moving and keep it fun, you don’t want people drawing a perfect picture.)
8)  Time’s up!  #2 stays on top and the ENTIRE pile is passed to the right.
9) The player reviews the picture, places #2 in the back, and then on #3 writes a word, phrase, etc. to describe the picture.
10) This method of play continues until a picture is drawn on #8, and then on the final pass everyone ends up with their stack back.  We always go around and read ours outloud and shows the illustrations.

Here is an example:

I wrote down the phrase ‘Mother Nature’.  Notice the #1 in the corner.


My cousin’s illustration of Mother Nature


Picture defined


New picture


My cousin, making things more interesting…


My youngest cousin, 11, didn’t understand what she was passed, so did the best she could.  🙂


Sometimes if you don’t understand a picture, you just make something up.


Poor Goldilocks


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