Simple pictures


I love to take pictures and I definitely take plenty of them.  I’m always so thankful that I am in the digital age and don’t have to deal with film.  I can easily take 100 pictures of a sunset or a day out and about.  That would be about 4 rolls of film, plus the time waiting to get them developed.

I am an observant person who catches a lot of detail.  There is so much to see in our world, from people and food, to nature and architecture.  Check out the picture on this post.  Can you figure out what that is?  I was visiting my brother in Michigan so we went out to the lake.  It was a damp, drizzly day.  Over the years. the sand has filled in the stairs.  The railings are still above the sand though.  In the picture, you’re seeing the holes the raindrops made from falling from the railing into the sand.  It seems like such a simple picture, but I’ve always loved it.


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