Do you know why I pulled you over?

Have you ever been pulled over?  Did you get a ticket, or maybe just a warning?  Did you know you were violating a traffic law at the time?  I’ve done a lot of driving in my life.  I don’t mind it really.  As I threw out in a previous post, I usually drive about 5 over the speed limit.  Not a big deal.  Usually keeps me in the flow of traffic.  I would guess I’ve clocked around 100,000 miles as a driver.  In that time I have been pulled over exactly one time.  Once.  Uno.  Want to know why?

Well, the reason is kind of the punchline of all this, so let me build up to it.  I was in high school.  I had driven my brother and a friend of his up to Sioux Falls for the evening so we could all go see a movie.  On our way home, his friend reminded me that he needed to be dropped off at the campground since his family was staying out there.  No problem, except for I had never driven there on my own and it was dark.  He said he knew the way.  We turned off the highway and were going up and down the dark country roads.  His friend chimed in, ‘top of the next hill take a right’.  I slowed down to make the turn, but when I got there it was just a field drive.  ‘Oh, top of the next hill I guess.’  So I sped back up until I approached the next hill.  Guess what, another field drive!  ‘Well shoot.  It is coming up here soon.’  So I did the same routine a few more times.  I was aware there was a car behind me, but they were far enough away that I didn’t think I was screwing up their drive.

Eventually the ‘top of the next hill’ arrived and I turned in.  The car behind me also turned in and pretty immediately after that and lit up like a Christmas tree.  Crap!  I was getting pulled over in the driveway to a very busy camp ground.  The cop came up and asked for my license and registration.  He asked some questions, like where we had been and where we were going.  I explained it all to him and let him know I was a little lost coming into the campground.  He stuck his head in my car and took a big whiff.  Obviously thinking he had struck gold on a car full of underage drinkers.  He asked a few more questions before finally getting to the big one, ‘do you know why I pulled you over?’  I was honestly clueless, so I said ‘no sir’  His answer….

You were going kind of slow back there

I wasn’t sure how to react to that one.  I sheepishly said sorry.  He handed me back my stuff and said to be safe driving home.  The disappointment in his voice was evident.  He really thought he had something, not just some innocent teens temporarily misplaced.

I don’t really want to be pulled over again, but if I do I hope it is for speeding.  I’ll have to tell the cop this story and see if he’ll see it like I do – I was just trying to not go so slow since that’s the only thing I’ve been pulled over for so far!  🙂


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