Recipe – Poppyseed Buns


Poppyseed Buns are one of my family’s favorites.  Whenever we traveled home from my grandparent’s, my grandma would make a dozen of these and stick them in our travel food bag, usually with grapes, Fritos or Bugles, and frosted animal cookies.  My brother and I learned to make them and would put some together when camping with friends.  Setting up an assembly line is the fastest way to get these tasty sandwiches put together.


First off, the buns.  Any type of sandwich bun would work, but I usually go for the bakery fresh hamburger buns.  You will need to slice all the buns in half.  I usually don’t cut all the way through, but it won’t make a different in the end.


Next up, rip off as many pieces of foil as you have buns.  Each sheet should be 8-10 inches.  Standard foil is fine – no need for heavy duty.  Set foil to the side.



Now it is time to start mixing up the butter mixture.  You will need oleo, mustard, and poppyseeds.  My family has never had an actual recipe for these, just always used guesstimates.  The recipe below is based on my best guesses, but you can add more of any ingredient as you see fit.


Time to get spreading!  Spread both the top and the bottom of the bun.  It is best to leave the bun open after spreading the butter mixture.


Add cheese…


And add ham.


Time to wrap each bun.  Place each bun in center of foil.  Fold each end over the top of the bun and gently press down on the sides.  Then fold each side over the top.  Place the buns on a cookie sheet and then they’re ready to bake!


One of the best things about these sandwiches is that they are tasty either warm or cold.  Eat them fresh out of the oven, or cool them and then toss them in the fridge until they’re ready to be eaten.  Of course if you’re going to warm them up at a later time, remember to remove the foil before microwaving!

Recipe time!

Poppyseed Buns
12 hamburger buns, split
1/2 cup oleo
1-2 TBS mustard
1 tsp poppy seeds
12 slices ham
12 cheese slices

1. Combine oleo, mustard and poppy seeds in a bowl. Spread mixture on both sides of all hamburger buns.
2. Put one slice ham and one cheese slice on each bun. Place top back on sandwich.
3. Rip a piece of foil for each sandwich. Place sandwich on foil and wrap completely.
4. Preheat oven to 350. Place sandwiches on a cookie sheet. Cook for 20 minutes.


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