The Sky is Pink

Yesterday started off as a decent day.  The sun was shining and for once there wasn’t a chance of rain.  Then the clouds rolled in.  At least I thought they were clouds.  Early in the afternoon I noticed it looked like rain, but nothing was on the radar.  That strange look stayed in the sky the rest of the day.  When I eventually went out side I looked up in the sky and noticed the sun was just a small dot.  Technically I would say the sun was out, but it didn’t have it’s normal perimeter of shining.  It looked more like this:


The sun was just a small dot in the sky.  When I went for my walk this morning it was the same way.  The rising of the small dot sun.  Apparently, there is a forest fire in Canada.  The smoke from that has blown down over Iowa and caused a haze in the air.  Even though it is a clear day, the haze prevents the sun from shining so it always looks like rain.  The reflection of the sun through the haze has left the sky looking very pink.  This morning, I noticed just how pink the sky was when I went around and opened my curtains.


Kind of pretty.  Too bad that something tragic is happening elsewhere.


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