A Day on the Lake

I’ve recently started fishing.  Eh, correction, I’ve recently started casting and occasionally reeling in a fish.  The before and after are not done by me.  I don’t care to bait a hook, and I don’t take fish off.  I like to call it fishing still, but I guess if you can come up with a better description I may consider using it.

Today’s fishing trip took me to Lake Anita, just south of Anita, IA.  There were very few boats when we got there, so we had free reign of the lake.  We fished along the face of the dam and pretty immediately pulled up some decent bass.  The best one was a mama bass, about 2 1/2 pounds.  Something comical happened after that.  The fish started shrinking.  Usually a fisherman’s tale would have the fish growing.  Not for us.  My one and only catch of the day was the smallest bass I’ve ever seen, basically the minnow of bass.  It was so small and flapping around so wildly it actually took itself off the hook.  Since the rod was in my hands when it came off the hook, I guess I could technically count that as me releasing it, right?

Unfortunately, a storm blew up in the cove in which we were fishing.  The clouds coming our way looked a little menacing so we headed in to shore.  While we were waiting to pull into the dock I was watching the geese swimming around, and looking at the lily pads along the shoreline, and listening to the bullfrog that I couldn’t yet see.  Even though we were out there for fish, there are just so many other amazing things to watch.  Once the boat was loaded up I went back down to the dock and snapped a few pictures.

By the way…the storm didn’t move out of the cove we had been fishing in for about a half hour.  Ha.






PS – I’ve been warned by my friend that outdoors men might stumble across this because of the Categories and Tags I chose.  He wanted me to say this gibberish…The bigger bass was caught on a Bomber Fat A in Fire Tiger off of rocks in 6 ft of water.


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