Speed Limits

Whenever I drive, I typically add 5 mph to the speed limit.  Do I realize that is still considered speeding?  Yes, and if I got pulled over for it I’d deserve it.  That’s just the way I’ve always done it.  It is kind of my set rule when driving; +5!

What I fail to understand is how other people choose to drive the speed they do. Are there certain places they feel comfortable speeding a bit and other places they don’t?  Do they ignore the wonder of cruise control on the highways and just go with the flow of traffic? 

Today I was driving on a highway that switched frequently between 65 mph to 55 mph as it went through towns.  I went back and forth with a car for 15 miles as we changed speeds.  I drove a consistent 70 mph through the 65’s, and 60 mph through the 55’s.  I passed this car coming out of the first town.  During the first slow down they passed me going about 65.  Then outside of town I passed them back.  Next slow down, here they come past me again, and so on.  I wished I had a way to communicate with them and ask them “Why is it not ok to speed in a 65 but it is in a 55?”.  Is there a reason, or is it just laziness in having to adjust the cruise control?

It’s like I always say when driving among other drivers…if only everyone drove like me it would be SO much easier!

So, next time you get behind the wheel, think ‘+5’.  It’ll make me happy.


One thought on “Speed Limits

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