Summertime Thunderstorms


Summertime thunderstorms.  If they arrive during the day I think they are kind of exciting.  I can watch them build as they roll into town.  I can see the skies begin to go dark as the storm gets closer.  Like the picture above shows, you can be experiencing a nice, clear-sky day.  But something is looming.   I always wonder what each cell holds.  Will it be a few light drops as the worst of it drops south of my area?  Or are there hail stones waiting to fall?  Will the rain come down sideways because of all the wind gusts?  If it is still daylight, will I be able to see the flashes of lightning, or will I only hear the claps of thunder that follow.


With a sky that looks like this, you start to wonder, with all the sounds that naturally come with a storm, will you also be hearing the man-made sound of the dreaded tornado siren?  It can be eerie to be inside without any windows that face west.  You walk outside and get your first glance of what is looming on the horizon.  Will you make it home safely before the sky opens up?


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