How I grocery shop

A blog about grocery shopping?  Really?  Isn’t it a little early in the blog-writing days to be resorting to a blog about grocery shopping already?  Nope!  Not in my world!  I love grocery shopping.  Sometimes I wish I could do more of it.  For me, a lot of it comes down to getting the best deal.  No, I’m not a coupon clipping fanatic.  I just like to get the most I can for my money.  I know when a sale is an ok deal versus a steal.  When I get home from the store I often like to look at what I bought and figure out how many meals I can make from it, then divide that into the total amount I paid to arrive at a rough estimate of price per meal.  It always amazes me the amount of meals I can make for the cost of one decent restaurant meal.   When I was shopping and cooking for 2 I rarely spent over $40/week, and even $40 was rare at times.  Yet I was making something for supper every night.

So what do I do to prepare for my run to the store?  Well, grocery shopping preparation looks a little like this:

First thing, I gather all the ads from the local grocery stores. I write down the name of the store and then jot down the sale items I want to purchase.  I also include the price by the item.  After I complete that list, I review it and start coming up with meals I can make from it.  I pull out recipe books and my book of recipes that I’ve already tried.  I start coming up with a menu for the week ahead and make notes of additional items I need to complete the menu.  Then I always check for the staples, milk, bread, eggs, etc.

After I have all my items listed by store, I go back through the list and put it in aisle order, as close as possible.  That way when I head to the store I don’t have to do a lot of looking.  I can walk right up to the item which makes the trip much faster.  It also helps me save money!  If I know where I’m going I do not get as easily distracted by the other items in the store.  Having the meals already planned also helps because it makes justifying extra items a little more difficult.  The final step in my grocery shopping is watching the register as everything rings up.  It is common for signs to be misplaced, or for items to be moved around on the shelf so you end up with a different size than what is on sale.  If you aren’t able to keep up as items are being scanned be sure to check over your receipt before leaving the store.

There you have it!  A look into how I do my weekly grocery shopping.  How do you grocery shop?  Is there anyone out there like me who enjoys making lists or do you go to the grocery store without a list and just see what ends up in your cart?


3 thoughts on “How I grocery shop

  1. We always have a plan before we shop! It’s the only way to reduce the cost of food and stay within budget! Great post!


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