I just wanted breakfast…

Speaking of Company Kitchen (in my last post), I was reminded of this classic.  Every Wednesday biscuits and gravy were on the breakfast menu.  I typically brought in my breakfast, except for on Wednesday.  Every Wednesday I looked forward to biscuits and gravy.  The recipe had been the same for as long as I had been there, and it was good.  But why settle for good, right? So the recipe started changing from week to week.  One Wednesday I eagerly walked into the cafeteria anticipating my Wednesday morning routine.  I punched in my order on the machine and then walked into the kitchen to await the goodness.  I was handed this:

Sorry”, the kitchen lady said.  “It is a little runny today.”  Yes, when the gravy is falling off the biscuits and cannot possibly be eaten with a fork I believe that does qualify as a little runny.  Question, was the kitchen out of flour?


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