Fun family games – Fishbowl

When my family gets together we like to play games.  Our family classic used to be Skunk, which I can explain in a future post.  Then for a while we played a lot of Telephone Pictionary and Imaginiff.  Most recently we’ve started playing a game called Fish Bowl.  This game consists of 3 rounds which include Catch Phrase, Charades, and Password.

How to play:

1.  Everyone is given some pieces of paper.  Depending on the size of group this may be anywhere from 3-5 pieces.  We played with 8 people and had 4 pieces.  The game lasted about a half hour.

2.  On each piece of paper, a noun or proper noun needs to be written down.  While it is quite common for people to simply look around the room and write down an object in their line of vision (clock, frame), it is much more fun to get a little creative.  Names are always fun (Monica Lewinsky, John Wayne), or places (race track, gas station bathroom), or even more random things like Venus Fly Trap or tango.

3.  Once everyone has written something down on each slip of paper they can fold each paper in half and then toss them in a bowl.

4.  Divide the group into 2 teams using the every-other method.  Team 1 starts while team 2 times them.  Round one is 30 seconds per person (or longer if you choose).

5.  Round 1 is a type of catch phrase game.  When the timer starts, the ‘it’ person for team 1 draws out a slip of paper.  They need to get their team to guess what is on the paper by describing the word.  Only thing is they cannot say any part of the word that is on the paper.  Everyone is allowed one pass per turn if they get to a word they do not know.  They simply throw the paper back in the bowl and draw out a different one.  If the team gets the answer right then the paper can be tossed to the side.

6.  Next up Team 2 is the one describing/guessing words while team 1 times.  Same rules.  You will continue around the circle until all the slips of paper have been drawn from the bowl and guessed.

7.  Once all the words have been guessed each team counts up and totals the number of papers they have.  This is the score for round 1.

8.  Round 2: Charades.  Same concept – you can pick up where you left off in the group.  Bump the timer up a bit on this round, maybe 45 seconds.  In this round, no words can be used.  The ‘it’ person may not speak at all.  After drawing their slip of paper they must act it out until someone on their team guesses it.  They try to get as many as possible before time runs out, then the other team has a turn.  This goes around again just the same as before.  Once all slips have been guessed, count up points again.

9.  Round 3: Password.  All the same ideas of going round the group, timer at 30 seconds again.  This time the ‘it’ person can say only ONE word to illicit guesses.  Once they say a word they can’t change it or say another.  No actions or saying more than one thing.  Add up total points at the end to figure out the winning team!


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