It’s Happening!

For a while now people have been telling me I should start a blog.  Why?  Maybe because I seem to find myself in strange situations more than the average person.  I enjoy writing snarky or smart-ass reviews and stories and usually sent them on to friends and coworkers.  I’m a storyteller.  I’ve noticed that sometimes I have ideas or passing thoughts that I feel like sharing, but Facebook doesn’t always seem to be the best place to post them.

Thus, my own blog.  Does it have a theme?  Nope.  Will I post everyday?  Nope.  Do I have a plan of where this is going?  Nope.  Am I a positive person?  Yes!

I have a couple things written already that I will post over the next few days.  If you read through some of my stuff and find it interesting, then feel free to follow my blog so you can get updates on all the amazing new posts!


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